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Waste oil and tyre recycling

Ashburton Aboriginal Corporation is looking to expand the region's recycling capabilities

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ASHOIL is a supplier of diesel, the renewable fuel biodiesel and diesel/biodiesel blends. ASHOIL collects used cooking oil from mining camps and businesses from across the Pilbara region. This waste is converted into biodiesel at ASHOIL’s refinery in Tom Price.

Biodiesel produced by ASHOIL is sold under contract to Rio Tinto Iron Ore for use in their drill and blast operations. By-products generated during the biodiesel production process are used in a diverse array of industrial, agricultural and chemical applications.

ASHOIL has established a fuel supply and distribution business operating from their facilities in Tom Price. ASHOIL’s clientele includes a number of remote communities and businesses.

A 2013 Study by the the Waste Authority of Western Australia identified the opportunity to divert land fill waste of tyres and conveyor belt inot sellable products.



Last updated: 07-07-2017