Investment Profile

Major Developments for Onslow

New hospital, swimming pool, utilities and airport infrastructure

Construction, Transport, Postal & Warehousing, Education & Training, Health Care & Social Assistance

Significant financial commitments from Chevron, BHP Billiton and the Western Australian Government are going towards ensuring Onslow develops into an attractive and well-serviced town.

These contributions will deliver long term benefits to the Onslow community and help cater for the town’s expected growth.

New and upgraded infrastructure and services will include:

  • a new power station
  • a new desalination plant and upgraded water supply infrastructure
  • a new Shire of Ashburton administration centre that will include a town hall, council chamber, visitor centre and library
  • a new waste management facility and an upgraded wastewater facility
  • the construction of a new Onslow hospital, which will better meet the town’s increasing health service needs
  • upgrades to Onslow Road, the main road into Onslow
  • a new Onslow airport, including runway, terminal and general landside facilities
  • new recreational facilities, including an outdoor basketball complex and skate park that will complement the shire’s strategy for a central recreational precinct in Onslow.
Last updated: 07-07-2017